Research & development: creating the future together

We will work with your team to actively advance the systematic and results-driven development of innovations in the area of autonomous driving.
We will also play an active role in a number of industry R&D initiatives:

  • We are working with the Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Systems at the Technical University of Munich as part of the Central Program on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to jointly conduct research into market-focused innovations and implement them.
  • We are also members of other future-focused programs as part of a consortium that is being conducted along with other project actors, including the German Aerospace Center.

Ongoing research projects (November 2021):

Automated test generation for autonomous driving functions

As part of work to develop autonomous vehicles, tests must be conducted over very long distances (>100 million kilometers) to demonstrate the systems’ safety. During this work, researchers consciously create critical situations that can be replicated in a simulator. This enables the safety performance of specific implementations made by maneuver planners to be validated.

Traffic-regulation software for autonomous driving

Decision-making processes currently being used to develop autonomous-driving software focus on recognizing traffic signs and monitoring the actions of other road users. In this research project, rules of the road that are occasionally open to legal interpretation are construed statically and dynamically. This enables their observance to be monitored in simulations and autonomous vehicles.

Connected autonomous vehicles

Researchers working in this project are developing software that will facilitate communications among autonomous vehicles. A focal point of their work is collective maneuver planning with other vehicles on the road. The research is concentrating not only on the sensors of the vehicle, but also the data of other road users. This form of intercommunication is designed to facilitate smoother traffic flows.

Cooperative autonomous driving with safety guarantees

Researchers taking part in this project with the Technical University of Munich, TWT, Infineon and fortiss are developing new solutions for cooperative maneuver planning with the help of artificial intelligence. A key aspect of this research is the study of the intelligent formation of loosely connected groups without any dedicated coordination position. The research project is pursing one special goal in particular: testing the newly developed products in trial vehicles during the final phases of the project.

MCUBE – Oktoberfest Shuttle – start November 2021

The aim is to demonstrate the ability of a research vehicle to operate completely autonomously throughout the Oktoberfest fairgrounds in Munich during the event. This festival will create extremely challenging operating conditions. The vehicle’s ability to handle them is to be demonstrated. A control unit will act as a back-up option that can be used to drive the vehicle via teleoperation.

Other topics:

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