SANEON was established in June 2010 by Silvain Jewoh Zekeyo.
Mr. Jewoh grew up in Cameroon and came to Munich to study mechatronics. While in college, he grew fascinated with the potential that software possessed for mechatronic systems. Still fascinated by these possibilities after completing his degree, Mr. Jewoh worked his way up to the position of department head for software engineering. In the process, he increasingly focused on developing security-critical software.

When he established SANEON, Mr. Jewoh had one clear vision in mind: He wanted SANEON to be a company where all employees could continuously grow and make something more of themselves — just as Mr. Jewoh himself had done:
Innovative, fascinating projects provide the team with both challenges and a feeling of deep satisfaction once solutions to problems have been found. This, in the process, creates opportunities for continuous individual growth. Professional growth and further development of technical qualifications are always the company’s top priority: The team applies its knowledge and works closely with the client. This form of knowledge exchange, a process that is undergirded by mentoring, coaching and training as well as the direct application of available knowledge and experience, facilitates the continuous, long-range development of expertise.
With the help of this expertise, SANEON joins forces with its clients to develop visionary products and collectively introduce complex and innovative solutions in the marketplace.

SANEON initially focused its work on the aerospace industry. The company expanded this focus in 2012, when it added its first client from the automotive industry.
The company took another step forward at the beginning of 2015, when Florian Obermeier joined the company. Mr. Obermeier enabled SANEON to significantly expand its experience in the area of security-critical system development and software quality as part of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.
The company has been working in this area ever since, concentrating on functional safety and the safety of the intended functionality for autonomous driving functions and their components as well as the evaluation and optimization of development processes for clients. The company’s work includes a large number of Automotive SPICE assessments conducted for international suppliers for premium automakers.
In December 2018, the company established the subsidiary SANEON France to provide better support to customers there.

SANEON will continue to make the company’s clients its top priority in the future as well. Tell us about your challenges. We view them as an opportunity to inspire you.

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