GAP analysis: facilitates seamless processes

Our customers’ goal is to efficiently and safely develop innovative, complex systems. Occasionally, applied processes complicate the work – we use GAP analysis to address these flaws in the process. In return, you receive planning of clear measures that you can use to optimize your development process and achieve your desired level of product safety.

SANEON covers all areas of complex and high-security system development.

Results of our GAP analysis:

  • As part of our GAP analysis, we determine the extent to which the requirements of Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, ISO PAS 21448 and ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 have been integrated into specific product development
  • Reviews of concepts and individual work products
  • Evaluation of suppliers’ development capabilities
  • Definition of metrics regarding efficient and continuous measurement of software quality
  • Workshops on the development of measures to close existing gaps

ISO 26262 certification
functional safety

Automotive SPICE® certification
Software quality

Other topics:

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