Training Automotive SPICE® Basic Training

As the automotive industry is very competitive, the need to demonstrate how your company excels in software quality is critical to survive in the business.
An Automotive SPICE® training will enable your employees to understand the best practices for software development in the industry. Compliance with Automotive SPICE® is fundamental to do business with leading car manufactures and is a prerequisite to implement ISO 26262 compliant development.
SANEON’s certified experts and assessors have a profound understanding Automotive SPICE and will empower you to enhance your company’s processes and move the needle of the rating in your upcoming Automotive SPICE® assessments.

Course Outline (daily 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)

2 Days

Part 1

  • Automotive SPICE® Fundamentals
  • Project Management
  • Supplier Monitoring

Part 2

  • Quality Assurance
  • Problem Resolution Management
  • Change Request Management
  • Configuration Management

Day 1

Part 1

  • System Requirement Analysis
  • Software Requirement Analysis
  • System Architectural Design
  • Software Architectural Design

Part 2

  • Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction
  • Software Unit Verification
  • Software Integration and Integration Test
  • Software Qualification Test
  • System Integration and Integration Test
  • System Qualification Test

Day 2

Course Objectives

  • Comprehensive understanding of the Automotive SPICE® concepts and processes

Training participants receive

  • Printed training manual
  • Certificate of participation


  • Basic understanding of embedded software development in the automotive domain

Who should attend

Day 1:

  • Department Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Test Managers, Configuration Managers

Day 2:

  • Test Managers
  • Requirements Engineers
  • System/Software Architects, SW Engineers
  • SW Testers, System Testers

Training & Coaching Language

  • English

Related Services

Do you need a customized in-house training on specific technical or organizational challenges? Feel free to contact us at
This training is also available online.

In addition, we can provide these services:

  • Automotive SPICE® Gap Analysis
  • Automotive SPICE® Assessment in order to benchmark your development processes and their implementation in key projects. This will serve as basis for defining improvement measures to further increase your SW quality and development efficiency
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